Maximizing Human Potential Through Behavioural Competencies; 100 Core Competencies

“Maximizing Human Potential Through Behavioural Competencies; 100 Core Competencies” is an effort to present holistically simplified concept of competency and competency mapping to students, teachers and HR professionals. Competence at workplace reduces the uncertainty and eases out selecting the right personnel, by providing with a systematic way of pinpointing the people required for the tasks at hand. Since few decades, human resource and organizational development professionals have generated a lot of interest in the notion of competencies as a key element for measuring human performance. This book introduces the concept of competency and competency mapping, theoretical paradigms of competency, categories of competency, behavioral competency framework, and application of competency mapping at the workplace. The book then delves into 100 Core Behavioural Competencies that are required at the workplace for excellence. Each competency includes definition, relevance and significance, behavioral indicators, examples and career where the competency would be required. Finally, the book addresses the measurement and assessment techniques of competencies such as In-Basket exercises, Leaderless Group Discussions, 360-degree feedback, Psychometrics etc. The book would serve as a handbook for competency mapping for students, teachers and HR Professionals.