Crime and Criminal Law Perspectives on Global Migration

This book brings together a valuable amalgamation of international perspectives from across the globe, including countries from South America, South-east Asia and Europe to provide a comprehensive understanding of the migration phenomenon with relation to crime and criminal law. Forced migration caused by oppressive regimes or natural disasters has displaced a large number of people globally in the last decade alone, leading to several other issues such as armed conflict, persecution, severe economic insecurity, environmental degradation or other failures in governance. The complexity and scope of this phenomenon calls for reparative measures, formulation of new policy responses and effective legal and institutional management of the problem at all levels, national and global. The scholarship included in this book has pertinence not only for the betterment of displaced populations and the asylum policies of host governments for granting rights and benefits, but they also have far-reaching effects in addressing concerns about human rights violations and international terrorism. This stellar addition to the existing literature on refugees and migration offers several parameters of understanding and resolving issues at various levels.